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October 23 2017

me halfway through my mug of hot chocolate: why do i love death?



Tumblr:  We want complex villains! 
Tumblr:  But they can’t do anything villainous or complex ever. 

My favorite quote on this is Lemony Snickett when a school district banned his book due to the marriage plot by the villain.

He merely responded

“I’m sorry, but I’m at a loss on how to write a villain that doesn’t do villainous things.”


Desi weddings consist of two families showing off their wealth while the guests criticise everything they see

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Seoul Hangang District Prosecutors’ Office didn’t do anything. It’s Prosecutor Jung who prosecuted him.

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By the way, what were you trying to do in the car earlier?


Hands down the best fact from Death Note is that Light refuses to take the Shinigami eye deal because he wants to live a long life but still fails to outlive Misa, who took the eye deal twice.


I can’t do this dude where is naruto I need him


There is something about sunlight that makes life seem just a little less horrible


you know these moments when a friend just casually says something that validates your friendship, like just refers to something as “our place” or “our thing” and suddenly your heart is auditioning for Cirque du Soleil and days later you’re still thinking about it

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go back spouses (1-4)
               nam gil and jin joo
hanatalesofthenewage replied to your photoset: But what about Seo Jin?
This is honestly such an interesting concept because of their kid. Like seriously.


plus, i like the idea of both of them travelling back too~
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The whole campus is looking for the divorced couple. There aren’t many clues but it looks like they have a bad relationship considering how they fought in the radio broadcasting studio. Do you guys know people that fight for no reason?

October 22 2017

the male lead in go back couple drives me crazy … and yet i still dont have SLS lmao


new fun tag game just type in ‘i hate’ and see all of the negativity in your life unravel before your very eyes

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But what about Seo Jin?

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I want to kiss you.

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Do you want to sleep together?

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